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How does JadoPado’s Affiliate programme work?

An affiliate can earn commissions on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to JadoPado products or links encouraging sellers to sign up to sell with JadoPado.

If you are not yet an affiliate, sign up here.

Once your application is accepted to our programme, you’ll get access to our affiliate dashboard with banners, buttons, text links, product feed and other tools that you can add to your website or social page.

When you get started, your dashboard will look like this. Let’s get started!


Click on Assets to find and use your referral link to direct users to products or categories on JadoPado.


Add everything from “?” to the end of the URL of a page you want to link to.


Example: If you want to link to the new Apple iPhone 7, copy the URL and add your referral link to the end of it.


Track conversions and commissions for buyer and seller referrals.


You can also create different sources to track conversions and commissions through a number of channels.


Get in depth analytics and reports for total views, clicks, conversions and commissions. Reports can be generated based on date, programme, source or country.


How do payouts work?