What is an authorisation code?

When you use your credit or debit card in a store or online, a unique six digit numeric or alpha numeric code is generated. This code acts as an identifier between the issuing bank and a retailer to identify a given transaction.

In order to cut down on fraud and to ensure that someone else hasn't tried to use your credit card, we have an automated process in place where you're asked to ring up your issuing bank, verify the authorisation code for your first transaction with us and enter it into a secure page.

On occasion, the customer service representative at your issuing bank may not know how to access your authorisation code or may not be aware that an authorisation code exists. In this case, we suggest requesting a "six digit transaction code", "six digit identifier" or a "six digit approval code" for the transaction. You may want to escalate your call to a senior representative so that you can obtain the information required.

This is a one time only process and once you've done it once, we consider you to be verified for any future transactions with the same payment card.

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